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  Welcome to CONNOR Institute, a division of CONNOR, a national real estate due diligence and environmental training company headquartered in Baltimore, Maryland. CONNOR Institute offers courses related to Lead-based Paint, Asbestos, and Moisture Infiltration and Mold Remediation. Our classes are held at CONNOR Institute's 3,300 square foot training facility in Baltimore and at various client facilities located across the country. CONNOR Institute also offers live webcast training and webinars on a variety of related subjects. For more information on specific courses and classes, please click HERE . If you are interested in having CONNOR Institute travel to your city or state to deliver one of its training courses, please click HERE for more information or to email us at contact@connorinstitute.com.

PLEASE NOTE: You must pre-register for all of CONNOR Institute's courses through this website. There is NO onsite registration available for our classes. For specific step-by-step instructions for registering for a course, please click HERE . Please pay special attention to cut-off dates for registration, as they can vary depending on the location and type of class.

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